The Charity Christmas Album

“Friends at Christmas” Mitchell, Shelley-Anne, Ritz, Sam, Neville and Lauren - our group has no name, we’re just a bunch of crazy friends who decided to do something useful together to help make the world a better place and a Christmas album seemed to be perfect. Our idea is to give copies of this album to deserving charities to sell and help them raise funds for their cause..

UK: Buy it now £7.50 SA: order from us on our Facebook page

About the Friends


Neville Grobbelaar

is a South African pianist and graduate of the  National School of the Arts and COPA (Performing Arts Campus). He has performed in various shows such as “Timeline 80” at the WITS Ampitheatre in Johannesburg and “Cliché” at the Barnyard theatre in Alberton.  He continues to interact daily with local musicians and is the convener of the group of friends


Shelley-Anne van Tonder

studied at NSA and COPA. To date her  achievements include a TV special with artist Hugh Masikela broadcast live to an audience in Carnegie Hall, New York. She trained in the UK at the  Guildford Academy of Contemporary Music which produced artists such as Sugababes and Camila Kerslake and she trained with artists such as current SA idols judge RJ Benjamin, Line L. Hilton & Charlie Rinks

Ritz Pucci

Ritz (Maurizio) Pucci

started playing guitar at a young age and is a guitar and vocals major who graduated at the National School of the Arts. He has played with various bands such as Denim and JazM at Sun City and worked backstage at 64 Live at Emperors Palace Casino. At present he is performing in Rocking the Ages at 64 Live


Lauren Pearson

is a vocalist and music graduate of the prestigious National School of the Arts in Johannesburg. She has trained with well-known artists such as RJ Benjamin and performed in productions such as “Timeline 80” and numerous live gigs. Lauren has outstanding vocal talent and a true passion for music which she regards as her daily inspiration

Mitchell Linford

Mitchell Linford

is a self-taught guitarist and with vocal skills which were developed with help from his sister he has blossomed into an excellent vocalist. He has been part of various bands over time and this has helped him to continue learning and work towards improving his considerable talent


Sam Imminck

started out at a young age  rather differently in the form of gymnastics and dancing. Not having had any vocal training, she was convinced to participate in this album to showcase her obvious talent - she hopes to use her vocal talents further in future - we agree!

Us Crazy Friends

Us bunch of crazy friends - this was our get together to take pics for the Charity Album - one of these was used for the inside of the CD cover


Such Fun!

More fun and silliness were the order of the evening - but nothing could top the excitement of producing our first charity album together

Such Fun!

Promo Video (All the friends)

Silent Night (Shelley-Anne)

My Grown Up Christmas List